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General Technical have always maintained one fundamental business principle: to put our relationships with our clients above all else. We rely on word of mouth recommendations, letting our dedication to our clients and our work say more than any advertising ever could.

Ben Carless

Ben creates digital solutions for business. His love of coding began in 1994 making music visualisers and text based adventure games on QBasic on Windows 3.1. Over the years he has developed experience with multiple languages (C++, Python, PHP, Javascript) but specialises in web based languages PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS including package managers and libraries associated with these.

Ben’s professional career began in architectural and landscape drafting in 2004, giving him design experience to complement his technical knowledge, allowing a transition over to architectural 3D visualisation in 2011.


Ben’s portfolio is diverse, encompassing graphic design, web development, CAD modelling for infrastructure projects, 3D renders for residential and commercial developments and IT system implementation for small to medium enterprises.


Daniel Becka

Daniel's primary role is  Support Officer. He has an extensive background in customer service and prides himself on building trustworthy and reliable relationships with his customers.

Daniel has also worked in customer behaviour tracking and data analysis, working with Astute Business Intelligence as well as many other data sources.

Timothy O'Donoghue

Formally trained in Visual Communication Timothy's passion for the creative industries runs far and deep. Having spent many years working for an array of different creative agencies and production houses he has honed his skills in all aspects of the design process. As versed in art direction and account management as he is in the final, nitty-gritty details of production and product delivery, his eye for detail is second to none.


In addition to his professional work Timothy has also been involved in numerous cultural sectors having initiated and participated in multiple collectives and communities, from art galleries to cultural festivals and event organisations. His affinity and connection with disparate cultural movements permeates and informs all aspects of his design practice.


Having recently joined General Technical he looks forward to lending his skills and experience to the team.

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